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Mosaic Inc. is the communications division of my business encompassing Creative Consulting, Producing, Coaching and Writing.   For consulting, coaching, teaching or producing services please go to the Contact Page.  Links are available below to purchase copies of ...Cabbage Leaf and LINES. 

CREATIVE CONSULTANT - Mosaic Inc., will work with organizations or individuals in preparation of oral presentations to a group of two or more.  From fleshing out ideas, to the interactive skills that will help you connect with your audience, to feedback and a debrief, Mosaic Inc. can walk you through your presentation from  beginning to end.

COACHING/TEACHING - From learning the fundamentals of being an actor, to monologues, cold script reading, audition techniques, script analysis, creating a character, scenes/dialogues, audition readiness, to the ABC's of starting in the business, Mosaic Inc. offers a one-stop shop for all your acting coaching needs.


Mosaic Inc.'s two publications, I Might Be Green But I Ain't Nobody's Cabbage Leaf is a collection of wit and whimsy full of wisdom, common sense and humor.  LINES - Five female playwrights of color, five voices, five lives come together to share fierce, honest stories of lines that separate and connect.

PRODUCING- Mosaic Inc. will premier two productions in 2020: "STAND: What do you stand for?"  A night of monologues and a Tribute to Rod Serling entitled Stories with a TWIST.  Coming summer 2020.  Also, partnering with Luzar Entertainment Inc., Mosaic Inc. is forming Creative Embrace Productions to produce the new musical SOUL SERENADE: The Message is in the Music.  Look for it soon.  

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