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People that come to mind during a pandemic

Updated: May 30, 2020

A pandemic gives one PLENTY of time to think. PLENTY. Since thinking of the present is anxiety-filled and thinking of the future is downright scary I find myself reviewing the past. As I look over past writings a couple of people stand out that I remember...


Addiction: Lost friend.

Worry, tears, prayer: Friend found.

Recov'ry: Long road.


Faux pas are funny.

Harmless Easter inquiry:

"Plans?" "None. I'm Jewish."

Shannae F. (A)

"I remember you...

...thank you," she said gratefully.

I made a difference.

Shannae F. (B)

Daily, we plant seeds.

Some days, witness the harvest.

Thank God for gardens!

Poems Copyright O. Dawson 2016

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