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Living in a COVID world

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I hope this finds you all safe, healthy and hopeful.

I've been thinking of what is happening in our world and how all the old paradigms are shifting.  Like so many of us, I'm looking for a way to process what I'm feeling, seeing and experiencing during this crazy time.  I've been feeling 'Emotionally-Netflixed': immobilized by the seemingly infinite amount of different emotions within me as I toggle back and forth not knowing what to feel, day-to-day, week-to-week, moment-to-moment. Am I numb? Anxious? Angry? I can't look back, can't move forward, and feel lost in the present moment.  Do any of you feel like that?

I put pen to paper to try and process. I wanted to share with you all.  Maybe this will give voice to some of your feelings as well.

Light and Love to you all

Olivia D

LINES: Living in a COVID world

Lines separate

Lines divide

Corralling lines of people

Six feet apart

Standing in

Unemployment lines

Testing lines

Food lines

Living in a COVID world

In the lines of my tv I see

Lines of people

Waiting for a hand out and hand up

or working in dangerous conditions

Protesting to be heard Acquiescing behind PPE

Responding first

Appreciated last

as we stand in chorus lines cheering them on

Towards firing lines Living in a COVID world

We feel the sting of having our pride on the line

Asking for help

We worry as we extend

Lines of credit

Tied around our necks Like yoke's on oxen

in a field of lines of red, white and blue Modern day slavery to the sharecropping middle-class

Fading into the future Living in a COVID world

Being reminded that the dividing lines


The lines of the homeless and ourselves

Really was Just a paycheck away We thought if we looked Far enough down the line of our noses

They would remain just outside Our line of sight And now We’re all of us Searching for a lifeline Living in a COVID world

We now have the timeline

To spend quality time with our


Family lines

Lines of decent

Yet we chomp at the bit

Dreaming of making a beeline to our

Assembly lines

Product lines

Lines of work

Living in a COVID world

The trending line says

The curve is not flattening

And we dart around like hungry guppies

Feeding on relentless optimism (so American)

And we swallow it up

Hook line and sinker

Living in a COVID world

The pandemic frolics back and forth across the

International date line

No thought for

Nation Age Gender or Race And yet.... Color lines Finish lines To races we are losing

Yes Even in the COVID era

Black lives still matter

Living in a COVID world

Lines between






Blue/White collar








Living in a COVID world

Lines are cracks Revealing fissures in our

Healthcare Finances Self-worth Fault-lines give way to Tech-tonic shifts and quakes in our

Lack of leadership Federal responses Living in a COVID world

Lines of bullshit

Falling from mouths

On a daily basis


Blurring the lines of

Truth Reality

While lines of people die for lack of




Living in a COVID world

Power Lines In elections Forced to choose between my vote and my health

Formed to withstand madmen in white houses Our POTUS - Punchline of the United States

Powerlines Downed by storms Drawing direct through lines from their intensity

To the globe’s warming baseline Living in a COVID world

Lines around my eyes

From lack of sleep

Lines across my forehead

From palpable fears

Lines etched around my mouth

From mega doses of anxiety

Living in a COVID world



My life

Your life

How much of that line is drawn

How much of that line is left

Living in a COVID world

A spider's web is a series of lines

Connecting together

Growing from the center

If I am at the center How many lines do I have connecting to others

How does my line connect to you

How strong/weak are those connections

In this socially distant era Living in a COVID world

Hey! Get back across the line!

Line up against the wall!

Don’t think you and I are aligned

But maybe we are Because you feel EXACTLY

The same way I do The fear The trepidation The side-eye Comes from opposite sides of the line Meeting in the middle at a common crossroads which

As we know Is just the intersection of two lines Is this the deal we inked when we signed

On the dotted line Perhaps it’s written in our stars Or the way our planets are aligned

Through no fault (lines) of our own We walk together

Toeing the line

Marching towards an uncertain

End of the line

Living in a COVID world

Copyright O. Dawson 2019

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